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BLUETTI, a renowned name in the clean energy storage industry, has once again taken a step forward toward its mission to provide innovative solutions for clean and renewable energy. The company is all set to launch its newest offering, the AC60 & B80, which is a solar generator that offers not only flexibility and portability but also expandable capacity, making it a versatile option for different scenarios.

Moreover, with the AC60 & B80, BLUETTI aims to bridge the gap in the market for power stations that offer both high capacity and small structures. This new product is sure to be a game-changer and will launch its new AC60 & B80, the smallest solar generator with expandability, in the middle of May.

What Is Bluetti?

Bluetti is a company that specializes in power electronics and solutions. The company was founded in 2005 to create sustainable and reliable energy solutions for a better tomorrow. Bluetti has since become a leading manufacturer of power electronics and has won numerous awards for its innovative products and exceptional customer service.

Bluetti’s mission is to create a sustainable and equitable future for all. The company dedicates itself to creating innovative solutions that reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency, and minimize environmental impact.

What Is Bluetti AC60?

Bluetti has recently unveiled its recent offering: a compact and lightweight inverter that provides reliable and efficient power conversion for various applications. With high efficiency and low distortion, the AC60 can easily convert DC power to AC power. This versatile product is perfect for a wide range of uses, from solar power systems and backup power systems to electric vehicle-powered stations.

Features Of The AC60

Powerful And Efficient

The Bluetti AC60 is a true powerhouse, capable of delivering up to 600 watts of continuous power and 1200 watts of peak power. The AC60 is an ideal power source for camping or road trips, providing efficient and reliable power for your appliances and devices. Its conversion

efficiency can reach up to 98%, making it one of the most efficient power stations available. Therefore, It is the perfect choice for adventurers who want to stay connected even in remote locations.

Lightweight And Portable

Despite its impressive power output, the Bluetti AC60 is surprisingly lightweight and portable. Weighing in at just 14.3 pounds, it’s easy to carry with you wherever your adventures take you. Whether you’re hiking to your campsite or setting up base camp in a remote location, the AC60 is compact and easy to transport. Therefore, you can stay powered up no matter where you go.

Water-Resistant & Dustproof

The IP65 certification of the AC60, which makes it dust- and water-resistant, is its most notable feature. Its interior structure is substantially better and well-built: All of its outputs are waterproof rubber-sealed, and its circuits are separated from the fan vents.

Additionally, its casing is constructed from sturdy materials that pass testing for water and dust resistance. As a result, the AC60 is resistant to dust and water splashes from all directions, making it the ideal power source for outdoor activities.

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